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Geo-Heat Center's 20th Anniversary

Geo-Heat Center Quarterly Bulletin

Vol. 16, No. 4


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Table of Contents
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20th Anniversary of the Geo-Heat Center
P.J. Lienau and J. Lund
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Historical Impacts of Geothermal Resources on the People of North America
J. Lund
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Collocated Resources
T. Boyd
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Klamath Falls Snow Melt System
B. Brown
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Prawn Park - Taupo, New Zealand
J. Lund and R. Klein
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Geothermal Pipeline
Progress and Development Update from the Geothermal Progress Monitor
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Cover: (1) 1974 Inrernational Conference on Geothermal Energy for Industrial, Agricultural and Commercial-Residential Uses, held at OIT; (2) OIT experimental greenhouse; (3) aerial view of OIT geothermal aquaculture ponds; (4) giant freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium Rosenbergii, raised in OIT ponds; (5) Gene Culver looking at OIT geothermal production well; and (6) GHC staff injecting geothermal fluids, from left: Paul Lienau, John Lund, Donna Gibson, Penny Lewis, Gene Culver, Don Karr, Kevin Rafferty and Chuck Higbee.


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