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Beppu Jigokus

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Beppu Hot Springs
S. Taguchi, R. Itoi, and Y. Yusa
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3,000 kW Suginoi Hotel Geothermal Power Plant
Kisumi Kudo
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Geothermal Greenhouses in Kyushu, Japan
Paul J. Lienau
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White Sulphur Springs, West Virgina
John W. Lund
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Hot Springs, Virgina
John W. Lund
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The Nevada Geothermal Industry - 1996
Thomas Flynn
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Geothermal Pipeline
Progress and Development Update from the Geothermal Progress Monitor
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Beppu Jigokus. Jigokus or "Hells" are famous hot springs in Beppu, Japan, that are popular tourist attractions. In the upper left is Umi Jigoku (Sea Hell) so called because this jigoku looks like the sea, which emerged after an explosion of a volcano 1,200 years ago and because the color of the boiling water of the pond is cobalt-blue. Chinoike Jigoku (Blood Pond Hell) is the oldest natural jigoku in Japan, and the pond is bloodred in color. In the lower left is Bozu Jigoku (Bonze Hell) which is formed about 470 years ago when a severe earthquake occurred resulting in an eruption under a temple. Hotta is a well site (left on the lake) for the district heating system. The wells require daily reaming to remove scale build up.


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