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New Zealand Geothermal - Wairakei - 40 Years

Geo-Heat Center Quarterly Bulletin

Vol. 19, No. 3


Entire Bulletin
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Table of Contents
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A Brief History of the Wairakei Geothermal Power Project
Ian A. Thain
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Geothermal Resources in New Zealand - an Overview
Trevor M. Hunt
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Domestic and Commercial Heating and Bathing - Rotorua Area
Ross Anderson
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Kawerau Geothermal Development: a Case Study
Andy Bloomer
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Timber Drying at Kawerau
John W. Scott
John W. Lund
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Geothermal Greenhouses at Kawerau
Mike Dunstall
Brian Foster
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Drying of Fibrous Crops Using Geothermal Steam and Hot Water at Taupo Lucerne Company
Neil Pirrit
Michael Dunstall
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Prawn Park - Taupo, New Zealand
John W. Lund
Richard Klein
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Geothermal Orchids
Alistair McLachlan
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Miranda Hot Springs
Derek Freeston
John W. Lund
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Progress and Development Update from the Geothermal Progress Monitor
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