Geo-Heat Center Quarterly Bulletin Vol. 20, No. 1 Table of Contents

- Oregon and California - Direct-Use In Action

Geo-Heat Center Quarterly bulletin

Vol. 20, No. 1


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Table of Contents
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Aquaculture in the Imperial Valley - A Geothermal Success Story
Kevin Raffertyn
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Klamath Falls Geothermal District Heating Systems
Brian Brown
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The Oregon Institute of Technology Geothermal Heating System - Then And Now
Tonya L. Boyd
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Reconstruction of a Pavement Geothermal Deicing System
John W. Lund
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Love Three Hot Springs Out of the Thousands - Hot Creek, Fields, and Ash
Bill Kaysing
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The Geo-Heat Center Website
Tonya "Toni" Boyd
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In Memory of Dr. Tibor Boldizat (1913 - 1998)
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International Geothermal Days - Oregon 1999
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Geothermal Pipeline
Progress and Development Update
Geothermal Progress Monitor
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Cover (left to right, top to bottom):
Tilapia being loaded for shipment at California Desert Fish Farm, Imperial Valley, CA; New Klamath County Government Center building with sidewalk snow melting system; Oregon Institute of Technology stair snow melting system; and Klamath Falls highway snow melting system installation (ODOT)


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