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Small Geothermal Power Projects

Geo-Heat Center Quarterly Bulletin

Vol. 20, No. 2


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Table of Contents
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Small Geothermal Power Plants: Design, Performance and Economics
Ronald DiPippo
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Small Geothermal Power Project Examples
John W. Lund and Tonya "Toni" Boyd
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Opportunites for Small Geothermal Power Projects
Laura Vimmerstedt
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Geothermal Small Power Generation Opportunities in the Leeward Islands of the Caribbean Sea
Gerald W. Huttrer
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Geothermal Pipeline
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Top Photograph
Fang, Thailand, 300 kWe ORMAT Energy Converter modular unit, Electric Generation Authority of Thailand (EGAT) (photograph by ORMAT Inc., Sparks, NV- used with permission)
Bottom Photograph
Blue Lagoon at Svartsengi, Iceland combined thermal and electric power plant (16.4 MWe total), The Surdurnes Regional Heating Corporation (photgraph by Haukur Snorrason, Reykjavik, Iceland - used with permission).

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