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Spas and Balneology

Geo-Heat Center Quarterly Bulletin

Vol. 21, No. 3


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Table of Contents
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Geo-Heat Center's 25th Anniversary
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"Taking the Waters" Introduction to Balneology
John W. Lund
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Design Considerations for Pools and Spas (Natatoriums)
John W. Lund
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Spa "Pearl of the Ardennes"
Compiled by John W. Lund
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Bath - A World Heritage Site
Giles White
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Baden-Baden - A Famous Thermal Spa with a Long History
Burkhard Sanner
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Bad Schinznach, An Ongoing Geothermal Success Story
Dr. Markus O. Haring
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Les Thermes D'Aix-Les-Bains
Edited by John W. Lund
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Spas in Japan
Theodore B. Van Itallie, M.D. and Leila Hadley
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Balneological Use of Thermal Water in the USA
John W. Lund
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Geothermal Spas in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
John W. Lund
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Front Cover
Spa - The Past (1891)
Edit. Thill, S. A., Bruxelles)
Back Cover
Bath - The Future Computer-generated image of the new spa in 2002. (Bath Spa Project)

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