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Geo-Heat Center Quarterly Bulletin

Vol. 23, No. 3


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Adventures in the Life of a Small Geothermal District Heating Project or "The Little Project That Could"
Dale Merrick
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Out of Africa - Aquaculturist Ron Barnes Uses Geothermal Water in Southern Oregon to Rear Tropical Fish from African Rift Lake
Ted Clutter
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New Greenhouses in Klamath Falls
John W. Lund
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Hawaii and Geothermal - What Has Been Happening
Tonya L. Boyd, Donald Thomas and Andrea T. Gill
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Thermal Spas: An Economical Development Alternative Along Both Sides of the Uruguay River
Abel Pesce
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Geo-Heat Center Quarterly Bulletin
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Upper left: Federacion Thermal Spa, Argentina (photo by A. Pesce);
Upper right: ORMAT combined cycle energy converters, Hawaii (ORMAT brochure);
Lower left: Ron Barnes with tropical cichlids, Oregon (photo by T. Clutter);
Lower right: IFA Greenhouses raising tree seedlings, Klamath Falls, Oregon (photo by T. Boyd)

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