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Combined Geothermal Heat and Power Plants

Geo-Heat Center Quarterly Bulletin

Vol. 26, No. 2


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Table of Contents
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Combined Geothermal Heat and Power Plants
The Editor
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Integrating Small Power Plants Into Direct-Use Projects
R. Gordon Bloomquist
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Husavik Energy - Multiple Use of Geothermal Energy
Hreinn Hjartarson and Runolfur Maack
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Sudurnes Regional Heating Corporation, Svartsengi, Iceland
Geir Thorolfsson
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Hitaveita Reykjavikur and the Nesjavellir Geothermal Co-Generation Power Plant
Edited by John W. Lund
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Hot Artesian Water Powers an Outback Town in Australia
Prame N. Chopra
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Bad Blumau (Styria, Austria) - The Success Story of Combined Use of Geothermal Energy
Johann Goldbrunner
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Combined Heat and Power Plant, Neustadt-Glewe, Germany
Compiled by John W. Lund
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Modified schematic of the Neustadt-Glewe, Germany, combined heat and power plant (courtesy of Geotermische Vereinigun).

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