Western States Geothermal Databases CD

Western States Geothermal Databases CD

This CD contains information for the following states (no. of entries):

Alaska (238), Arizona (1251), California (989), Colorado (168), Idaho (1555), Montana (292), Nebraska (87), Nevada (455), New Mexico (361), North Dakota (128), Oregon (2195), South Dakota (821), Texas(1101), Utah (964), Washington (814) and Wyoming (356)

The CD may contain up to 5 databases for each of the western states above. The five databases are:

1) Wells and Springs - which contains all the known Wells and Springs for that state with a temperature typically greater than 20°C.
2) Chemistry - this database contains the most common fluid chemistry for the wells and springs listed in the Wells and Springs database. There are a couple of states where chemistry information was not available (Texas and Nebraska).
3) Other Information - this database contains additional information found in the original databases, but did not fit in the above two databases.
4) Direct-Use Sites - this database contains known locations of existing direct-use sites for each state. The states of Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, New York and Virginia were also included in the database since they all have direct-use.
5) Collocated Sites - contains information on population centers located within 8 km of a known resource with a temperature of 50°C or greater.

The databases are available in three different formats for use over a wide range of spreadsheets and database programs. The three formats are listed below:

1) QuattroPro 8 extension *.wb3
2) Microsoft Excel 97 extension *.xls
3) Comma Delimited Text extension *.csv

For all the western states - $27.50
For just one State - $12.00

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